Oracle monitoring agent clustered. In VxFS, depending on the failure and the mount options, the file system may itself be disabled logged. Without the threshold limit, insane devices could be retried over a long period of time. Is there any chance to see if the Notifier sends a mail? Diskgroup fails after reboot.

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You may need to manually unmount the file system. Many guest LDoms from multiple systems can be joined together to form a bigger cluster.

If this scenario does occur, the driver stack below dmp should be investigated. So, deploying the clustering solutions for a multi-tier, cross-platform setup can be difficult to manage. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

How to trace hexadecimal vxdmp errors to the OS native device numbers.

I need a solution Hi, please send me solutions on the following topics. Articles on this Page showing articles to message There’s only this Event in the Windows Eventlog: When does a temporarily “failed” path get enabled again?

You can download the AI bootable image from the Oracle website. The dmp error daemon will then test the problematic path to see if it is a transient error or permanent problem. The reduction in the number of physical servers used makes it a very cost-effective setup.

How to explain the impact of vxesd and Veritas DMP

Problem Messages like the following are continuously logged in the AIX errpt. Browsing All Articles Articles. The default setting is on. If the primary domain reboots, only the attached guest LDom is affected.

I need a solution We have multiple servers running Symantec Veritas Enterprise Administrator, version Please provide additional feedback optional: Support Knowledge Base Drivers are from the latest VMware Tools. You can then export storage from the global zone to the non-global zone using loopback data mounts and direct data mounts. Please note that this document is a translation from English, and may have been machine-translated.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. A given path or paths under a given controller can be marked as “disabled” through administrative intervention. If this is the case, the threshold should be increased to a large value.

How to explain the impact of vxesd and Veritas DMP

Therefore DMP is not at messags aware about the specific loss of fabric or any problem with the related messgaes s. The computing resources on the hosts are available to other LDoms. Solution The problem is fixed in the following patches. The HA daemon contains the decision logic for the cluster and maintains a view of the cluster.

You may also refer to the following document on the SORT web site:. Solution MPIO is a “path suppressing driver”.

Symantec Connect – Storage and Clustering messagse Discussions http: If the primary fails due to some reason, DMP fails over to the secondary path, so that the secondary becomes the active path. What is a “disabled” path?

When vxdmpadm command is used to disable path s in this manner, they are marked as “disabled”.